Matrix pro single desk

Matrix Pro Single
Electrically adjustable sit/stand desk, available in a range of colours, sizes and worktops

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€ 682.00 VAT Excluded

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    The Matrix Pro is a sit-stand desk with a telescopic frame. It can accommodate worktops from 120 to 200 cm wide and has a height adjustment range of 65 to 130 cm, meeting all necessary standards. The dual motor system is very quiet, providing a pleasant working experience even in noise-sensitive environments. This makes the Matrix Pro ideal for offices, homes, study areas, or workshops.
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    Matrix Pro

    Height adjustable desk series. Always ensure the right ergonomic working posture with Matrix Pro. This sit-stand desk easily adjusts to the correct height at the push of a button. The working height is adjustable from 65 to 130 centimeters.

    Smart cable management

    With Markant's smart solutions, your Matrix Pro is always a tidy workplace. No more dangling cables at the workstation. Always easy access to connect or remove equipment.

    The ideal sit to stand desk

    With the different options of Matrix Pro, Single, Duo, Corner, Wing, there is always the ideal desk for your situation.

    The extremely silent height adjustment with two motors also ensures an extremely pleasant way of working in the most silence-sensitive rooms. This makes Matrix Pro the ideal sit-stand workstation: in the office, at home, in the study or workshop.