Health & Productivity

Achieving balance in the workplace can improve the overall quality of both work and life. This balance comes from our three core principles.

Work your Way

Freedom to choose how you work.

Most offices are all about fitting as many people as possible into the space available. We believe in personalised solutions for the people who use the office.

Work you Way with Markant Health & Productivity

Creating an office that fits your workstyle

Matching your workspace to your tasks is key to a productive working day. Need to chat with colleagues? A comfy sofa or conference table could do the trick. Need to delve into legal documents? Peace is key. Designing the office with these needs in mind makes it a much better place to work.

Work Zones

Markant is built on the belief that a flexible and adaptable environment is the key to unlocking productivity, creativity and wellbeing in the workplace. We understand that no two employees are the same, so we've created a workspace that supports a wide range of working styles and needs. From collaborative zones for brainstorming, to quiet spaces for focused work, to relaxation areas to recharge.


Working together

Dialogue Relax

Working together as a team requires a space where it is easy to see and talk to each other.

Areas such as open workstations, project rooms or designated collaboration zones are designed by Markant specifically for team collaboration. These spaces encourage teamwork, brainstorming and group discussions. By tailoring these spaces to the specific dynamics of teamwork, Markant ensures that collaboration is not just an aspect of the workspace, but an integral part of the office culture.

Focused work

Focus Process

Making sure your office is designed to encourage focused work is important.

It's disappointing to see offices where people have to book a meeting room just to have a place to work alone. Markant's solution is to provide designated quiet zones and individual workstations. These areas provide employees with the essential environment for tasks that require deep concentration, free from the interruptions and distractions of an open office.

Work from home

If you've got the right environment and tools at home, who says you need to commute to the office every day?

We believe in bringing the office to you, and that's why we offer the convenience of providing ergonomic desks and chairs for your home workspace. So you can seamlessly combine the comfort of your home with the efficiency of a well-equipped office. Our commitment is not just to improve your workspace in the office, but to extend the same level of comfort and functionality to your home, ensuring you have the flexibility to work where it suits you best.

Create your ideal workspace today

Whether it's a full office overhaul or minor enhancements, remember the office mirrors your company's image, influencing employee well-being and productivity. At Markant, our expertise guarantees an exceptional office design. One that is built to last.

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