A Sustainable Tomorrow

At Markant, we strive to create timeless and sustainable products that incorporate circular design principles to minimise environmental impact. Taking responsibility for our products and their impact on society is important to us, which is why we are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business. From design to production and delivery to our customers.


We pride ourselves on using the best and most sustainable products available. To achieve this, we manufacture these products in our own facilities. This gives us full control over the production process and allows us to ensure that our products meet the highest sustainability standards.


When choosing materials and products, we not only consider minimal environmental impact, but also the well-being of our employees. We invest in workplace safety and health to provide good working conditions. In this way, we create not only sustainable products, but also a sustainable working environment.


At Markant, we provide sustainable products and services to ensure their longevity. We repair and maintain them and provide responsible disposal services for material reuse. In this way, we are working towards a circular economy where we take collective responsibility for our products and the environment.


Dutch Design

As a Dutch designer and manufacturer, Markant has actively engaged in implementing circular principles in our designs in recent years.

Our focus is on designing beautiful, functional, and sustainable office furniture that has a positive impact on people and the environment. To achieve this, we use sustainable materials and modular designs. With this modular approach, components can be easily replaced or upgraded without the need to replace the entire product. This not only extends the lifespan of the furniture but also reduces waste.


We only have 1 earth and we must be careful with it. We therefore take this into account in the development and production of our products. Read more about how we deal with circularity and our CSR policy.

Durable products made from sustainable materials that contribute to the sustainable employability of personnel: sustainability has a high seat at Markant. 

A healthy planet with healthy people. Markant does not go for less in terms of CSR. So we make sustainable products from sustainable materials that also contribute to the sustainable employability of staff. Three times sustainable. And we also treat our own 'People' with care. Just like with the planet. You too can benefit from this attitude.

Sustainable procurement

Markant purchases sustainably and uses recyclable materials wherever possible. Desktops bear the FSC® and PEFCTM hallmark. Ecopanels - 100% PET (100% recycled) material and certified as Global GreenTag Level A - are used to decorate the furniture.

Durable in use

When you buy office furniture from Markant, you can be sure that you are purchasing sustainably. We meet the sustainability requirements of AgentschapNL and can also demonstrate this. We also ensure that parts can be easily replaced, which means that our office furniture lasts longer. So CSR is good for your wallet and the planet.


Our board material meets the formaldehyde class E1 standard, which means that the lowest possible emission of formaldehyde is achieved. Our producers continuously invest in improvement processes to reduce the environmental impact.  


For our furniture we mainly use Xtreme. This fabric is particularly wear-resistant. Xtreme is made from recycled material. And MAX has panels made from recycled PET material. Our producer is the first British textile company to comply with the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our textile manufacturer also puts its priority on the environment. The environmental quality of the textiles is high and 100% compliant.


The sustainable coating of furniture is not easy. It is important that it is done in an environmentally friendly way and that no waste materials are dumped. The coating itself must also meet a number of requirements. We guarantee that both we ourselves and our producer comply with all the rules. 

'The time of infinite depletion of our raw materials is over. Within Markant we are striving for a complete system innovation in which we focus on circularity'

Sustainability and Circularity

 ''Circular economy pursues an economic and industrial system that takes the reusability of products, raw materials and the restorative capacity of natural resources as its starting point and minimizes value destruction in the overall system'' (Source: Ellen McArthur Foundation)

In addition to the health and well-being of its staff, Markant also focuses on the well-being of the environment. To ensure that our products contribute to this, we work towards a long life from the design process onwards.

Design Process

Still many products are produced without thinking about the recyclability and reusability of the parts that are used. In order to think about the end of the cycle from the start of a product's life cycle, Markant has developed a system concept. The entire office furniture range has been designed in accordance with the 'Markant System Architecture' concept.

The modular construction with interchangeable components makes any desired combination of work tables, conference tables and bench configurations possible. By using universal components, we reduce stock and production. In addition, we work in a modular way so that parts can be replaced easily. In this way we extend the life span of the products considerably.

Material use

Markant's furniture is constructed of 95% recycled aluminum and steel. The furniture is produced according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The desk tops used on the furniture are produced in accordance with the NEN-EN-ISO 9001 standard and carry both the FSC ® and PEFC™ quality marks. For the decoration of the furniture Ecopanels can be used. These panels consist of 100% PET (60% recycled) material and carry the Global GreenTagCertTM Level A certificate.  

Reuse and Recycling

The office furniture range is fully disassembled. This allows the components to be easily separated. If a component is still usable or repairable, it will be used again. When the life cycle is really over, the components can be completely dismantled and recycled.


Locally Manufactured

At Markant, we locally produce our furniture using sustainable materials. This allows us to not only ensure the quality of our products but also contribute to a better environment.

In addition, we collaborate with partners who share the same commitment to sustainability as we do. Our suppliers consciously choose sustainable materials, hold ISO 14001 certification, and carefully consider their energy consumption and waste management practices.


Delivery & Installation

Delivery routes are optimized to minimize CO2 emissions, and recyclable and reusable packaging materials are used to reduce waste.

By considering volume and weight reduction in the packaging during the design process, more efficient and sustainable solutions can be found. These solutions are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-saving when it comes to transporting and storing the product.


Refurbishing & Recycling

Our product range is fully dismantleable, allowing easy separation of components.

Components that are still usable or repairable are reused. When the lifecycle is truly over, the components can be fully disassembled and recycled.

Discover our online outlet with a wide range of refurbished products. Each item is carefully selected, thoroughly cleaned, revitalized, and, if necessary, repaired by our expert team.

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