Interior Design & Visualisation

Give shape to your ideas. From inspiration to realisation.

Our studio designs a new or existing workspace that best suits your needs and identity. An environment where people are at their best and can perform their work in a healthy and enjoyable way.

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A Personal Approach

Together with one of our interior designers you will explore your new work environment. We look at your current work process as well as the desired one. What activities take place at your location? What are your goals, ambitions and needs? The result of this collaboration is a personalised proposal, a perfect fit for your business.

Glenn van Rossum
Glenn van Rossum

Marieke Kramer
Marieke KraAmer

Rowenna Soibin
Rowenna Soibin

Masri Mustapha
Masri Mustapha

Layout and Design Direction

The first step in designing your workspace involves customizing the layout to optimise daily activities. We create a detailed floor plan based on your preferences and global direction, specifying the furniture type and quantity. Aligning with current style trends, we'll craft a moodboard showcasing the desired atmosphere of your workspace.​

3D visualization

With a 3D drawing, we visualize the interior as accurately and realistically as possible with all your requirements and wishes. This allows you to make a good decision about the layout, atmosphere and furniture.

Create your ideal workspace today

Good and healthy work starts with a good idea. Do you have wishes and ideas about your ideal work environment, but don't know how to translate these into a concrete design? Contact our studio for a free consultation.

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