About Markant

Founded in 1948, Markant is an international furniture manufacturer and workspace specialist. With production facilities in the Netherlands and Malaysia and sales offices in the Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia, Markant has the ideal combination of international know-how and Dutch common sense. We use both to achieve our mission: healthier working.

We're on a mission.

Organizations change.

The way we work is changing rapidly. We are here to support organisations and show them new possibilities. New office furniture is not an end in itself, but a means to an improved office lifestyle.

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Work on your health in the office.

Vary your sitting, standing and walking throughout the day. It's incredibly important for your long-term health. But it also helps in the short term by keeping you sharp and alert.

Stay Active

There is a better way of working.

Activity Based Working is based on the idea of choosing a workspace that suits the activity at hand. Markant offers numerous options for this. For example, the Apod. Ideal when you want to concentrate on your work or simply need a little more privacy.

Work your Way

With the right materials, beautiful becomes wonderful.

Functionality and form play an important role in design, as does the choice of materials. We are always on the lookout for new materials and applications. After all, why choose beautiful when wonderful is also an option.

Feel at Home

Create your ideal workspace today

Whether it's a full office overhaul or minor enhancements, remember the office mirrors your company's image, influencing employee well-being and productivity. At Markant, our expertise guarantees an exceptional office design. One that is built to last.

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