Activity Based Working: Health and Productivity

A healthy workplace contributes to the productivity, well-being, and sustainable employability of employees. Markant offers dynamic workspaces that perfectly align with the philosophy of 'New Ways of Working'. These workspaces encourage and motivate employees to stand and move more often, resulting in increased productivity, improved health, and greater job satisfaction. By investing in Markant Activity Based Working office furniture, the interests of both employers and employees are optimally served. An example of this is the MAX workstation, which can effortlessly transition from a comfortable seated desk to an active standing workstation. Thanks to the quick adjustability of the desktop and user-friendly controls, alternating between sitting and standing work becomes easy and appealing. The use of MAX can significantly reduce the number of hours spent sitting per day by office staff, which scientific research has shown to be an effective way to prevent serious health problems. Therefore, Markant office furniture is not only an investment in health but also in productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction.

The Need for Alternating Work

In our modern lifestyle, office workers often spend more than 10 hours a day sitting, both during work and in their leisure time. Prolonged sitting poses a serious threat to our health, with risks such as obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and certain forms of cancer. To reduce these risks, Markant promotes the concept of Activity Based Working, where alternation between sitting, standing, and regular movement is essential for maintaining health, improving productivity, and enhancing well-being. Activity Based Working leads to healthy and productive employees.

Activity Based Working at Markant

Markant stands for Activity Based Working and designs furniture that makes it easy and enjoyable to work dynamically. Employees have the freedom to determine their own activity levels throughout the workday, resulting in a healthier and more productive work environment. With solutions like MAX for sit-stand group workstations, Workways desking for individual or composite workspaces in small areas, and Workways seating for social seating programs, Markant offers a comprehensive collection to support dynamic working. This investment in Activity Based Working promotes health, productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction.

Concentration Workspaces

Modern collaboration requires flexibility and new approaches. Informal work environments encourage meetings, creativity, and idea exchange, while concentration workspaces require privacy and optimal acoustics. With solutions like MAX Screen-Range, Markant offers upholstered walls around the workspace to absorb ambient noise and provide privacy while ensuring seamless integration with the workspace design.

Activity Based Meetings

Standing meetings encourage active participation, concentration, and creativity, making meetings more efficient and innovative. By standing and moving during meetings, oxygen and sugar flow to the brain increase, resulting in increased productivity and creativity. With standing meeting tables, organizations can not only conduct meetings more efficiently but also save costs by reducing the need for chairs and increasing meeting capacity.

Successfully Implementing Activity Based Working

Owning dynamic workspaces alone is not enough to make an office dynamic and healthy. The success of Activity Based Working is determined by the manner of implementation in the organization, where management example and gradual progress are crucial. Markant recommends a step-by-step approach to implementing Activity Based Working, encouraging the use of furniture and gradually expanding the number of sit-stand workstations in line with demand. This ensures that healthy working remains a privilege and a responsibility, without being seen as an obligation. Healthy working is a privilege, not a duty, but still a responsibility!

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