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Below you will find an overview of all Markant's services.
Custom interior
Unique desks and workstations. Clever, modular and flexible; designed in the Netherlands; that is how Markant makes healthy working reality. From space planning to a custom desk, from manufacturing to implementation - we have you...Read more
Working traditionally
Not yet fully convinced about dynamic working? Or not at all? Even then Markant is there for you. Because also 'traditional' working works best behind a good desk. And the right working position will enable you to work a lot longer. Shaping a...Read more
Productive Meetings
What are your office meetings like? Everyone seated around large conference table... Papers, coffee, tea and water on top, mobile phones concealed underneath? Employees rushing to get ahold of a comfortable chair so the dozing off can begin?...Read more
Dynamic Working
Office workers often sit more than 10 hours a day. Sitting has become part of our modern lifestyle and that is not a healthy development. This increase in sitting hours means that there is a greater risk of serious health problems, depression...Read more