workways meet-up! table 180x80cm


€ 495,00

workways meet-up! table 180x80cm

Workways Meet-up!
Table, 180x80 cm

€ 495,00 495.0 EUR € 495,00 Exclusief btw

€ 495,00 Exclusief btw

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Frame kleur Wit or Zwart
Werkblad Wit or Grijs or Zwart or Halifax eiken or Bardolino eiken or Gebleekt eiken or Ril eiken or Driftwood or Caramel Walnut

Workways collection

Activity Based Working

Freedom to work when and where one wants is starting to become more and more mainstream. In addition, our work environment and our work is constantly changing by technical

To respond to this as a future-oriented company, it is
important to no longer only think about how many people to
accommodate in the office but focus on the tasks that these
people will perform and how the office space can best support these activities.
After all, those tasks are becoming more diverse. Collaboration is increasingly important, and so is finding a quiet place for a task that requires focus.
Because the rise of working remotely becomes a norm, it is
changing the role of the office to that of an inspiring meeting
place, a place that is used to develop new ideas and support
new partnerships.
We have developed our program specifically for this purpose.
With Workways it is possible to have different workstations for different tasks within a coherent design.

What do you need

Standing or sitting? Working alone or
together? Formal or informal? There is
always a workstation to meet your needs.

Sit-stand workstations
Our Workways workstations can be put together in a variety
of ways that allow them to integrate perfectly into the office
design, and to be modified later.

A meeting room: an ideal place to get together, make plans,
exchange ideas, move forward together or make each
other better. That deserves attention. Every meeting space
is different. That’s why we offer different options in our
Workways series. Which one suits your (new) meeting style?

Modular soft seating
In different compositions, the soft seating is suitable for
different tasks.
Thanks to the modular concept, the elements can be
endlessly combined and later expanded.

In order to work quietly or confer in privacy, we have
the Apod. Equipped with all conveniences and balanced
acoustics. The perfect climate for peace and quiet.

Do the environment and
yourself a favor.

Recyclable wood and sawdust
Workways is made from reusable wood and is a combination of saw waste from our worktops production and Ash wood from Hollands Hout, sustainably sourced from local forests managed by the Forestry Commission. We finish the ash wood in clear, white or black.

100% recyclable
The cushions of the benches are made of high-quality recyclable foam. The covers are available in various types of fabric. Many of the fabrics used use recycled or circular raw materials.