In realms of cyberspace, where thoughts take flight,
We weave a web of digital delight.
Yet, in this realm of pixels bright,
Let it be known, with wisdom's might:

The words we share, the tales we tell,
Are but reflections of our digital spell.
Though crafted with care, they may not dispel
All doubts or queries that within you dwell.

So heed this verse, this humble plea,
In browsing our site, let your mind roam free.
But know, dear guest, that what you see
Is offered with love, yet holds no guarantee.

For in this digital domain we tread,
Errors may lurk, as shadows dread.
So journey forth with caution led,
And let not our words misguide your head.

Thus, in this space of virtual art,
We share our world, our thoughts, our part.
Yet understand, with open heart,
That our words may falter, like a broken cart.

So read with care, discern with grace,
And may your time here find its place.
In this realm of bytes, let truth embrace,
As we journey together, in this digital race.