Sole Bar


Sole Bar

Meet the Sole Series designed to offer a brave, balanced and timeless style with its charm focused on colour and its play with geometric forms.

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Distinguished with its balanced form which completely rejects complexty, the Sole Series fills the space with its energy and unique dynamism. With its three different models -chair, lounge chair, bar chair- which are both suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, the series makes room for extraordinary choices with different combinations of striking colours on demand, instead of featuring a single colour. Its stainless cushions in three different colours; cream, light grey, dark grey with UV sun protection offer a comfortable and user-friendly experience also in outdoor spaces. With its light and compact design, the series is easily stackable and takes up a little space, while it allows to be practically held and moved thanks to the aesthetic cavity at the joint of the seat and the thin backrest. Combining its round, refined lines with perfect functionality and durability, Sole elegantly introduces the authentic spirit in its design to any space.


Artikelnummer MSN098
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