Apod X Zoom


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Apod X Zoom


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Description du produit

The Apod X Media is developed specially for use during online meetings. The mediawall is prepared for installation of a screen (VESA) and had backlighting for good visibility. The super silent fans makes the Apod X a comfortable and healthy environment to work in.

Just slide in on the sofa and pull the table top towards you! At the outside of the Apod X it is inmediately clear the Apod is free or in use with the green or red light at the corners.

Both the roof right as the face light are dimmable. The vent is also dimmable. Standard there is a 220V plug behind the screen to power the screen and a 220V plug and 2 USB plugs in the wall directly under the tv and above the table to charge your devices.

No screen is included. we advise a minimal installation height of 260cm. 20cm free space is advised for the ventilation openings to function properly.


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