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Below you will find an overview of all Markant's services.
Bij Markant kijken wij anders naar de gezondheid van uw medewerkers. Onze innovaties maken de werkvloer gezonder en vitaler.
Project studio
Our interior designers will gladly advise you about design, layout and colours. You will receive a drawing to scale, so you know beforehand precisely what the end result will be like. Good and healthy working starts with a good idea. The...Read more
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Complete service
  Assembly service You just ordered new office furniture. Congratulations! Now it is time to get your purchase to the right place. We happily take over this complex job. Everything taken care of Markant has a professional assembly team...Read more
Custom interior
Unique desks and workstations. Clever, modular and flexible; designed in the Netherlands; that is how Markant makes healthy working reality. From space planning to a custom desk, from manufacturing to implementation - we have you...Read more
Working traditionally
Not yet fully convinced about dynamic working? Or not at all? Even then Markant is there for you. Because also 'traditional' working works best behind a good desk. And the right working position will enable you to work a lot longer. Shaping a...Read more
Focused Working
So many things happen at the office. Working from multiple workplaces and even time zones requires new ways of thinking. Informal work environments within the office stimulate meetings, creativity and the exchange of ideas. Peaceful working...Read more
Dynamic Working
Office workers often sit more than 10 hours a day. Sitting has become part of our modern lifestyle and that is not a healthy development. This increase in sitting hours means that there is a greater risk of serious health problems, depression...Read more