Kotra transport – Breskens
Practical solutions are a must for any company of course, Kotra Transport including. In the office with dynamic workplaces, all cables are concealed and everyone has their own charging port for USB/WCD. All the areas are also equipped with a...Read more
Ask Roger! – Delft
ROGER stands for Robust, Solution Focused, Crazy on Technology, Own-minded and Realistic. With our new office in Delft, we want to transfer this to our customers. Partly thanks to the collaboration with Markant, we can speak of a design that is...Read more
Synergo – Breda
The floors are from the Desso Jeans collection, these floors are made of recycled jeans and fit nicely in color in the whole, where a lighter blue has also been applied.The workplaces were given a floating blade and all equipped with a...Read more
Bij Rederij Vroon in Breda heeft Markant samen met projectinrichter Lavoir in totaal 4000m2 ingericht
Vroon – Breda
At Rederij Vroon - Breda we have fully equipped a total area of 4000 m2. In just seven weeks we came from impression to realization. The client wanted to see the corporate identity as signature throughout the building. Especially in the...Read more
Mercedes – Maastricht
Task Setting up a call centre requires extensive knowledge of acoustics. Together with Mercedes, a choice was made for the MAX workstations. The partitions provide the necessary sound absorption so that employees do not experience any nuisance...Read more
Leegwater Houtbereiding (Leegwater Wood Treatment company)
"Our new office is an appealing building, so we wanted to make the interior attractive too. After a lot of searching we arrived at Markant. I'd never heard of standing works, but frankly I thought it was crazy. When Jan Beltman gave a lecture on ...Read more
Diabetes Fund – Amersfoort
Based on the vision that healthy employees are more productive, happier and employable for longer periods of time, Markant Dynamisch Werken and the Diabetes Fund have this year become partners with the mission to entice employees to spend less...Read more