A healthy planet with healthy people. Markant does not settle for less. Therefore, we produce durable products from sustainable materials that contribute to the sustainable employability of personnel. Sustainability three times over. We also treat our own people with care. Just like the planet. You too gain from this policy.

Sustainable purchasing

Markant purchases sustainably and uses materials fit for recycling when possible. Table tops are marked with the FSC® and PEFCTM label. Eco panels are utilised for the decoration of the furniture, this is 100% PET recycled material and Global GreenTag Level A certified.

Sustainable in use

Purchasing office furniture from Markant means purchasing sustainably. We meet the sustainability requirements set by Agenschap NL and can provide prove. Moreover, we ensure that parts can be replaced easily, which enhances the durability of our furniture. Pleasant for your wallet and the planet.

The materials used for the panels is in accordance with the formaldehyde E1 class requirements. Meaning that the lowest possible emission of formaldehyde. Our producers continuously invest in improvement to reduce environmental tax.

For our furniture we mainly use Xtreme. This fabric is especially wearproof. Xtreme is made up of recycled material. Also, MAX is constructed with panels produced from recycled PET material. Our producer is the first British textile company that was in compliance with ISO 14001 (environment related). Our own textile producer prioritises the environment as well. The textile has a high milieu quality and meets all the requirements.

Sustainably coating furniture is not that simple. Key is to do it in an environmentally friendly way and avoid the dumping of waste. The coating itself should also satisfy certain requirements. We warrant that both us and our producers comply with all the regulations.

Would you like to learn more about the way Markant contributes to a healthy environment? Read our CSR report.