Markant is of the opinion that office staff are insufficiently aware of the adverse consequences of prolonged sitting. For example, many people do not know that the body is already in sleep mode after 20 minutes of sitting (!). At that time, among other things, the discharge of toxins from the body (lymph system) is switched off. Even though you do not feel this, the consequences are disastrous for you.

Professor Leonard Hofstracardiologist, sees the shocking negative effects of a so-called sedentary lifestyle every day during his office hours at the UMC. Prof. dr. Hofstra explains: “Due to the increasing use of PC, TV, tablet, smartphones and game consoles, we are moving less and less both at the office and at home.” Sitting too long has an unfavorable effect on blood circulation and metabolism in the muscles and increases the chances of getting of diabetes type II, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease, for people who work half an hour or more on a sedentary office job. “ 

Drs. Ellen Snoek presenteertq

Drs. Ellen Snoek-Huisman, biomedical scientist, told those present the hard reality that the average Dutch person is already chronically ill at the age of 40. In 2040 this is most likely around the age of 33. The same Dutch person will also become older and older and will be sick for 2/3 of his or her life. Not just sick; they suffer from diabetes, cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease. During her presentation, she discussed the specific way of eating and exercising she developed with which these problems can be prevented and solved.

With these sessions, Markant focuses on people who are involved in the health and vitality of employees within their company. The goal of the sessions is to create awareness but also to offer solutions to make the shop floor more active, more vital and ultimately healthier. This helps organizations to reduce absenteeism and ensure employees can achieve their retirement age.

The next session is scheduled for 8 February 2018. If you would like to receive an invitation by that time, please notify Clark van Oeveren by email.

After the presentations, there was the possibility to experience the solutions that Markant offers


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