By: Steffen de With
Function: Product management
Date: October 5, 2017

Markant was already the originator of “Dynamic Working” in 2010 and introduced the Oxidesk work and move solutions in 2012 at Orgatec in Cologne. In 2012 Markant also introduced Workways as an informal work solution with comfortable couches and work opportunities with various privacy options to meet the requirements of ‘The New Way of Working’ (“HNW”).

Over the past few years, working at the office has changed enormously. There is a shift to activity-related workplaces. Tasks are becoming more varied, more mobile, more challenging and with more deadlines. Collaboration where members spend time with their colleagues in different places and time zones becomes quite common.

Employees need places where they can relax and / or work undisturbed. Professionals need a physical environment that not only makes their work possible, but also re-energizes and inspires them. Informal work environments within an office stimulate encounters, creativity and exchange of ideas.

Hybrid brings the comfort of home to the office and creates the best environment for working sitting, standing or moving. In this way you change the physical character and the social experience of the workplace. It encourages flex workers to spend more time in the office, to be more productive and to achieve objectives.

Hybrid excels at Agile working where projects are divided into a series of short and well-organized subprojects. Project teams work together intensively, communicate personally with each other and frequently maintain contacts with other stakeholders. Teams deliver measurable results at the end of each sub-project and re-establish new priorities.

But the most distinctive feature is Hybrid’s unique ability to reduce sedentary work, which continues to undermine people’s health in the long term. Also one hour of sports per day is not enough. Office workers need to move 2 minutes per half hour to reduce their chances of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and colon, breast or cervical cancer in the future.

Hybrid reduces sedentary work, which continues to undermine people’s health in the long term.

Hybrid is equipped with a rotatable business class worktop that is pushed to the desired distance from the body so that you always have a pleasant working posture.


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