Working healthy works better Office staff frequently sit over 10 hours each day. It has become an element of our modern lifestyle and an extremely unhealthy development.
Het kantoormeubilair van Markant helpt de gebruiker om gemakkelijk te veranderen van zittend naar staand werken
The Hybrid collection The Markant Hybrid collection provides the comfort of home at the office and creates the best surroundings to work while seated, standing up or moving about.
Custom interior Unique desks and workstations. Clever, modular and flexible. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. That is how Markant makes healthy working reality.
Bij Markant denken we graag met u mee als het gaat om uw maatwerk kantoorinrichting. Als producent denken wij graag met u mee

At Markant we look differently at the health of our employees.

We believe the most valuable asset to any company is not only their people, but also their health! With this fundamental knowledge, it’s our hope that health and productivity are major factors in workplace design. After all, nothing or no one will be better if we just sit still! That’s why our products are as dynamic as our company and vice versa.

It’s a healthy thing!


We invented Dynamic Working

Markant is not only the inventor, but also the main advocate of dynamic working. We fully support our vision and – therefore – our products. Fortunately, more and more people are doing that. Iis and in this way, we contribute to a healthy economy.

Dynamic Working
Office workers often sit more than 10 hours a day. Sitting has become part of our modern lifestyle and that is not a healthy development. This increase in sitting hours means that there is a greater risk of serious health problems, depression...Read more
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Working traditionally
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Als IT Beheerder ben jij hét aanspreekpunt voor alle Markant-collega’s op ICT gebied.
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Tijdens de dealerdag 2017 presenteerde Markant haar nieuwe Hybrid collectie
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On Thursday October 5th, during the annual Dealer Day, Markant presented its new collection called Hybrid. The many attendees were all in agreement that with the Hybrid range brings a homely feel to the workplace. Exactly what the market is...
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