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The functional, practical and smart details developed in furniture design are some of the key interior solutions of the spaces used for different purposes. Aristo series designed with the purpose of utilising, the small spaces and providing an optimum user experience.

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Product Description

The plywood shell of the chair maintains a functional and harmonious design language. With its simplicity and functionality, Aristo can be configured for different purposes according to the space's needs. Especially in large scaled corporations' educational areas like conference halls and seminar rooms, it creates an opportunity of flexible use. It can be made to order with armrests; wooden details located on the edges of the armrest come together with metal and exposes a gracious connection. Aristo series, consisting of two different types, sled based and four legged, are stackable. By being stacked, they support the efficient and practical use of different spaces in events like exhibitions or workshops. By the interlocking of sled bases, Aristo series enable a setting for a conference session and also gives an opportunity to create an alternative layout with its complementing coffee tables present in the same product family. Seating groups can be arranged with coffee tables placed in between the chairs in hospitals and hotels. Single or double setups can be made in official ceremonies and VIP lounges. Aristo series' four-legged chair can be preferred as a single working unit with the writing tablet for trainings, seminars, workshops and so on.


Product code 28009
Brand Markant

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