Seri Oval

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Seri Oval

It is a modern table design that can accommodate at home, at the manager's office or at a restaurant, with a choice of circular and elliptical tables and table-compatible feet.

€ 2.594,00 (excl. VAT)

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Product Description

The center foot replaces the center of the carrier, which is formed by metal profiles side by side. The elliptical form produced by the recurrent metal tubing side-by-side reveals the original design of the Seri table. Consecutive metal pipes which are in the form of repeating elliptical oval shape of the top. The elliptical top can be ordered in wood, marble, laminate or lacquer. The legs are made up of metal pipes in the order of the elliptical shape of the upper table. Besides being a very elegant dining room table, it can also be sleek meeting table when installed together with Zone Executive chairs. It is possible to design a meeting room by choosing Pera ellipse base and office base. Rego X can be a delightful dining table when used in conjunction with the foot.


Product code MMS053
Brand Markant

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