Mika chair

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Mika chair

Completely built out of wood, carrying trails of nature in its patterns, the ultimate classic form of a chair is interpreted into the Mika series through a simple and refined approach

€ 526,00 (excl. VAT)

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Product Description

Gaining its visual character from architect and user decisions, Mika chair, and stool series cover exceptional details for every material and colour combination in their design. The legs and back are solid wood, while the surface of the seats are plywood. Ash, walnut and black solid wood finishes vitalise the chair according to customer's choice. The feeling of naturalness of the wood in every colour option of the chair can be effortlessly perceived. In cushioned chair options, the connection detail between upholstered seat and wooden backrest is a linear curve that gives the design a comfy feature while the combination of soft and hard textures gives it a sensuous character.


Product code 27605
Brand Markant

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