Mentor Executive

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Mentor Executive

Meet Mentor Lounge, the new member of the Mentor family, which can be adapted to every space with its timeless and stylish design and renders the sense of comfort indispensible with its twisted structure and its wide back and seat, firmly holding the user.

€ 825,00 (excl. VAT)

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Product Description

With its twisted form, its elegant metal legs contrasting with the voluminous seat, its two different options with and without headrest, Mentor Lounge takes its strength from its modern design featuring the sense of lightness and comfort. While working and resting, it offers an experience of sitting solidly and lightly in the position of natural leaning, with its aerodynamic shape and the support that it takes from its metal legs. While its high back and its mechanism of laying down provides that the chair elegantly tilts back and forth, it makes the user experience the sense of being relaxed and carried. Its cross-stitches elegantly emphasizing its refined workmanship and quality characterize the design. The pouffes for stretching out legs, which can be included into the design according to wish, maximize the sense of comfort as a stylish and elegant detail. Meeting the need of multipurpose use in different areas, Mentor Lounge offers the possibility to integrate with the space with all its colour options, while adding an original, dynamic, and timeless expression to the design with different fabrics applied on its internal and external surface.


Product code 28859
Brand Markant

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