Ferno Lounge chair

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Ferno Lounge chair

Ferno is perfect for every environment.

€ 857,00 (excl. VAT)

Available on order

Product Description

Meet Ferno with its contemporary design, strong nature, delicate workmanship as well as its form featuring soft curves, which gives a timeless answer to the classical understanding of comfort. Offering an inviting atmosphere with its large and comfortable seat, Ferno easily adapts to various usage alternatives and different spaces such as offices, hotels, waiting rooms thanks to its simple aesthetics. Designed as a single sofa, Ferno makes room for site-specific adaptations with its choice of material supporting its cozy nature, while allowing the design to be customized. Its legs and armrests shaped by massive metal with a refined, linear form create a striking contrast with its large seat. Combining contrasts in harmony, Ferno allows for authenticity brought about by creative ideas thanks to its modifiable alternatives of colour and texture.


Product code mkt027
Brand Markant

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