Pick modular sofa

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Pick modular sofa

Thanks to its modular structure, customizable seating and armrest width options make this sofa a very personalized seating unit.

€ 9.064,00 (excl. VAT)

Available on order

Product Description

One sidearm, no arm, corner and extended chaise units allow buyer to create L shape sectional units or corner sectional. The simple shape of the sofa frame allows decorating with colorful throw pillows. The sofa in the living room, will help you to achieve visual saturation with a modern style. The upholstered frame of the sofa goes all the way to the floor, which proofs that Pick Sofa is very comfortable lounging piece. Module variations allow you to create different combinations. Forward with accessories Pick is the right choice for the minimally designed residential or commercial spaces.


Product code pick19
Brand Markant

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